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The Easiest Way to Engage Students with Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

MyLife™ for Schools is a web-based mindfulness application for classroom and student at-home use. Middle and High School students check in regularly with how they’re feeling and MyLife™ recommends short mindfulness activities tuned to their emotions.

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A well-supported student can handle whatever may come their way. Our activities support the different competencies of Social Emotional Learning and are shown to have a significant impact over time.

Teachers Reported

Increases In These Core SEL Skills

400 Surveyed teachers reported increases in SEL skills after student use of MyLife™ activities.

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"I honestly feel this is life-changing and even life-saving for some. One student in particular (who I have been worried about) was in tears during their activity. When I asked if they were ok, they said, "that was really really helpful....exactly what I needed to hear."

High School Counselor, Washington

How Students Benefit

Both in class and at home

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Home & Classroom

A digital tool to reduce stress and anxiety. Easily implemented for distance learning.

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A Safe Place

A safe platform for sharing and acknowledging emotions

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Short and impactful mindfulness activities personalized to emotional state

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A way to track their mood overtime

"A few weeks ago, I had been very stressed about all of the work being assigned. I already had tons of late work, so everything was piling up. I felt hopeless and didn't see a point in doing my work and became very anxious and sad. I remembered MyLife for Schools, completed the check-in for the second time that day and listened to one of the tracks. It definitely helped me calm down and soothed all of the anxiety I was feeling. After I was so calm I fell asleep listen-ing to it!"

8th Grade Middle School Student

How Teachers Benefit

Calm and focused classrooms in under 10 minutes

MyLife For Schools - Teacher Benefit
MyLife For Schools - Teacher Benefit
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MyLife For Schools - Teacher Benefit
MyLife For Schools - Teacher Benefit

How Schools Benefit

Individual student, teacher and administrator accounts accessed through the web

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Extensive Content

400+ accessible guided mindfulness tracks and animated videos

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Data & Trends

Aggregate overview of product usage and student emotional data

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SEL Love

Content that underscores the core competencies of Social Emotional Learning

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100% Support

Access to direct program support from the MyLife Team and easy onboarding and implementation.

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How Administrators Benefit

  • Visual representation of school climate
  • Aggregate overview of student emotional check-ins
  • Product usage reports by classroom

Born From The Classroom,

Made For The Classroom

MyLife™ for Schools was born out of the nonprofit, Tools for Peace, an organization that teaches mindfulness to at-risk youth in California.

With 20+ years of mindfulness teaching experience, we’ve spent years fine-tuning our program, listening to educators who use it in their classrooms, and identifying the growing concerns in educating students today.

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Join 40k educators in uncovering the power of mindfulness
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Be your school or districts leader in student mindfulness

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Mobile App - Self Care for Educators and Counselors

As an educator, you’re at the frontline of teaching SEL, both through academic curriculum and modeling. The MyLife™ team cares about you and knows how vital self-care can be. That’s why we provide educators access to the MyLife™ app on iOS and Android — for life.