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Stress is an epidemic that affects all ages, genders and socio-economic classes. Cultivating a healthy mind alongside a healthy body is becoming a critical skill for all to learn, to better navigate the ups and downs of life. Together we can help promote the habit of mindfulness and emotional wellbeing throughout our communities.

Partnership Opportunities

For Employers

Provide your employees with mental and emotional support in a compelling way to deal with life’s challenges – at work and at home.

For Schools

MyLife provides teachers and students with access to over 400 mindfulness activities to support Social Emotional Learning in the classroom.

Custom Programs & Licensing

We can help you create a custom mindfulness program to help deliver the right content to engage your customer base.


MyLife provides a unique access to efficacy and personalization data to help develop studies around the impact of mindfulness.

MyLife ™ Is Unique Within The Mindfulness Space

MyLife™ is an award-winning mindfulness app that draws on science-based techniques to help people find peace of mind and build emotional strength. We offer unique personalization, including:

Emotional Check-Ins

Users complete regular emotional check-ins and are recommended mindfulness activities tuned to those emotions.

Expert Driven Programs

Extended mindfulness journeys tackle the issues that challenge people most, such as anxiety, sleep, stress or focus.

Specialized Content

Activities for teachers and children like guided audio tracks and fun games help kids and families practice mindfulness together.


MyLife™ partners with Amazon Alexa, Snapchat and Hulu to make it even easy to incorporate mindfulness activities in your day.

Shown To Lower Anxiety

A study published in the medical journal JMIR, conducted on 10,000 of our users, showed that they were 82% less likely to be anxious after just 10 sessions with the app. There’s a reason why our users have given us over 20,000 five star ratings!

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